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Test Automation - MS Coded UI

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This course introduces the concept of software test automation to anyone who has an interest or is about to embark on introducing automation software into their test environment. The course will help the attendees select and plan the automation of their software application as well as design and develop the test automation scripts efficiently to decrease the cost of the test process.
The course is also appropriate for IT Project Managers, Head of Quality Assurance, Quality Managers, Test Managers, Test Team Leaders and Quality Control Engineers.
It is suggested that candidates for the Test Automation course have a practical work experience in the Software Testing field in addition to a basic understanding of software development.


Brief Introduction to Test Automation & Industry Beliefs
  • Myths and Truths
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
Planning the Automation Process
  • Tool Selection
  • Application Selection
  • Scope Selection
Designing the Automation Solution
  • Automation Frameworks
Implementing the Test Solution Using Microsoft Coded UI
  • Brief on C#
  • Project Structure
  • Working with the Recorder
  • Understanding and Manipulating Generated Code
  • Hand Coding Tests and Advanced Solutions
  • Data Driven Tests
  • Analyzing Playback Failures
  • Real World Example
  • Exercises & Workshops

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to plan for a successful test automation project
  • Learn how to avoid some of the common pitfalls that can prevent success
  • Learn how to design the structure of the automation solution
  • Learn how to develop the automation scripts